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ArteContro | ArteRibellione

"Art is a rebellion against fate" is a famous quote by André Malraux.
We first created a multimedia performance (35 Performances del Gruppo78, at Doubleroom (Trieste 2013). Site specific video mapping and live electronic, interacting each other, for Betta Porro's performance around the main theme.
Cecilia Donaggio conceived all the visual design, both with artworks and VJ sets connected to music.
One year later, we developed and exploded the performance into a complex exhibition, with the additional contribution of Manolo Cocho, at the Center sonoričnih umetnosti Vodnikova domačija (Ljubljana 2014).
The idea was the deconstruction of the thematic material in several ways, presenting installations, artwork, interaction and much more. The location was an historical building, the birthplace of slovenian poet Valentin Vodnik, and we tried to fit into the memories and the character of this place.
The "visual room" was a dark room with different geometrical archetypical presences. The audience could interact with artworks, thanks to some Arduino controlled electronic. A circle of light, as the visitor stepped into it and broke an infrared beam, triggered a step motor shutter on the ceiling, which faded out the lights and started a circular video projection on the facing wall.
The big attic hall presented an outstanding installation of mexican artist Manolo Cocho: an alphabetical deconstruction of the concept. An overwhelming music surrounded the visitor in a mix of harpsichord sound and digital electronic (listen to Enthropy of the Language).
This is a “skeleton bed”, powered by LED light, where people can stretch out and watch to something happening on the ceiling (video projection on fabric).
The “roll and triangle” was an interactive object (using an ultrasonic sensor) displaying an analog animation, a long paper roll, maneuvred by cranks, containing the Book of Wisdom.
Vodnik’s Sybil was a video installation at the entrance, that transformed the building’s facade into a living face, silently whispering the words “art, rebellion, against, fate” in italian, slovene and english.
The “Heisenberg’s lamp” was located in the small room, close to the original Vodnik’s cradle. An old fashion stove produced faint light and sounds (listen to Vodnik’s Cradle). Assuming the indetermination principle of Heisenberg, as the visitor moved closer to perceive the music, a sensor turned the light off, making a total darkness where it was impossible to find a direction.