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ArteContro | Branc0

Branc0 is not a simple video, but a software simulation of social behaviours.
A white crowd live in a space, tending to aggregation.
Some individuals get “sick”, turning to red. This diversity shift the global behaviour, creating isolation and emargination.
The animation is created through simple realtime algorithms, just like in videogames design, starting from a random situation and evolving within the rules.
The main issue is that social relations can possibly be illustrated by mathematical laws, notwithstanding any cultural, religious, political or emotional aspects.
The software was written in Processing. It uses as input some pre-recorded video loops of a human performer and produces an output video of the animation. The video was finally edited.

Is the society really influenced by individual choices?
Do the emergent macrophenomena follow only biological and sociological criteria?

Branc0 – Max Jurcev
video HD720P, 11’50”
special thanks to Tonia Giordano

Branc0 was included in different exhibitions: